Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello Stranger

I have a confession....
Ever since I 'started' this blog (i.e. avoiding it for a few months), I have made a point to not buy organics. I have had to give myself pep talks outside the grocery store, telling myself that it is OK to buy non-organics.
I, also, started reading Jonathon Safran Foer's book, "Eating Animals". Wowzah, it is intense!!! And, for christmas, I received Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" and "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" cookbooks. Both books have offered innumerable amounts of really good information on cooking and grocery buying.
So, since starting the blog, buying non-organics, and reading a really intense book and yummy cookbooks, I am now at a loss to what to buy at the grocery store!!
Starting a few months ago, I have not had any interest in eating meat. (Chopped Applegate Farms pepperoni on friday night pizza night doesn't count). I'm not sure what happened. But, I have definitely come to the conclusion after reading "Eating Animals", I will either be vegetarian or ONLY eat local meat from farms that allow me to see their facilities.
This week, I cut myself off milk. I can't say no to eggs, butter and cheese!! I tried coconut milk yogurt the other day and it wasn't bad. Most milk out there is so over pasturized that it isn't really milk anymore, just a milky liquid that used to be milk. Its weird. I still cook with buttermilk and heavy whipping cream.
I watched "Food, Inc" and was deeply disturbed but there was something much more moving in Foer's research that hit me even more. If you can find the intro to his book online, read it. Read the entire book!
I am still on the fence about organics in the grocery store. Did you know that if organic produce isn't separated from non organic produce it will be contaminated with the pesticides from wash off? Duh! I guess that is a no brainer, but i was stunned when I read that in Mark Bittman's cookbook.
If I had it my way, I would grow all our produce. But, we don't have the space. And, unfortunately, we don't have the money to buy into a CSA (community supported agriculture).
So, I promised you a list of things in my kitchen. Keep in mind, I love to bake.
In my Kitchen
All purpose flour
Semolina Flour, for pasta and pizza making
Canned beans, ususally black, kidney, great northern, and chickpea
Brown rice, its better for you than white even though it takes longer to cook
Panko breadcrumbs
Seeds, usually walnuts, almonds, and/or sunflower
Flax seeds, easy way to add some nutrients to just about anything
Homemade Granola
Semi sweet chocolate morsels
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Toasted Sesame Oil
Soy sauce
Various vinegars balsamic, white wine, red wine, apple cider, distilled white
Cooking wine
Lots of spices, i use oregano, thyme, basil, s&p, cumin, cinnamon and paprika the most
Various kinds of flour, I like to play around with recipes and different flours (coconut flour is my favorite)
Baking soda
Baking powder
Dry active yeast
Ginger root
Organic frozen veggies
Organic frozen fruit
Backup butter
Eggs, I try to buy local eggs
Butter, I prefer salted butter (organic)
Organic Whole Milk, locally when available
Coconut Milk (i think its the best non dairy alternative, especially in coffee)
Buttermilk, my secret ingredient!!
Heavy whipping cream
Cheese, I am addicted to the WholeFoods under $2 basket of various cheeses
homemade yogurt
Meat for the boys
Mushrooms for me


  1. Is there a reason you're freezing flour besides killing insects? Does freezing yeast kill it?

  2. i like to think it keeps the flour fresher, longer. most flour sacks say to keep it in the freezer. and, i haven't had any problems with the yeast in there either.

  3. Oh my! I forgot to add sugar! !! Definite pantry staple

  4. Tag, you're it! Check out my blog!